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Blue Sapphire Jewelry: A rock attaining popularity all over!

Precious stones like, diamond is loved by all. Jewelry lovers across the world love to dress up in the designs that make the best use of these valuable stones and other gemstones so that they can flaunt off their style in a perfect way. These days the market is getting a buzz with a rock…

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Aquamarine – The March Birthstone & Symbol of Love, Happiness & Victory

Aquamarine a delicate gift to humankind by Mother Nature is a stone with water’s fluidity in its characteristics and cleverly merges into any wardrobe alike water takes shape of the container after pouring it. The cool sea blue gem is recognized for its versatile beauty and elegance which it maintains and flaunts off in its navy…

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Icy-Blue Topaz Jewelry for the December-born!

Rich and magnificent, the blue topaz gemstone is one of the most striking and admired gemstones today. These sheeny blue stones have arrested our eyes and encouraged our imaginations since ages. With colours ranging from light to bold, Jewelry with topaz gemstone is believed to aid one’s attractiveness and temper. The beautiful hue- Topaz Blue Blue Topaz…

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Lead in your life towards peace and prosperity by wearing September Birthstone Sapphire!

Bold and beautiful stone Sapphire is for the lucky ones who are born in the month of September. It is vibrant blue in color and loaded with some ineluctable properties. You may have seen the gem in different hues, ranging from very pale blue to deep indigo that is because of the presence of a…

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