Embark New Beginnings With Emerald: May’s Birthstone!

Defining the perfect “green”color of spring-coming, makes Emerald the right choice of birthstone for the month of May. Emerald has been symbolised as a sign of prosperity, vitality and health. Just as the blooming flowers of spring and the wide spread lush greenery around us, emerald also exemplifies the prospect of rebirth and renewal. It’s all about love, fostering love and its connection with others, nature and the universe.

When come to think of the word Emerald, it has been derived from the Ancient Greek word “smaragdus” which literally means “green”. With a hardness of 7.5-8 on Mohs scale and weak resistance to breakage, does not stop Emerald from being adorned on exotic, mythical jewelry to contemporary red carpet glamour capturing our hearts and imagination. Emerald as we all know has been a very prominent gemstone since the ancient civilization. It is among the four precious stones famously used: ruby, diamond, sapphire and emerald.

History has seen many examples of Kings and Queens with their love for this bewitching beauty. Cleopatra has been believed to be seen dressed in emerald from head to toe as it contained the secret to eternal youth. Speaking of the gone century itself, the glamorous First Lady Jackie Kennedy for her vintage emerald and diamond engagement ring, Grace Kelly, Elizabeth Taylor and Queen Elizabeth II have been popularly known for their love for emerald jewelry. In recent times, Lady Gaga flaunting a large pear-shaped Emerald pendant and matching earrings at the Grammy’s, Angelina Jolie causing a stir by wearing a pair of 2 million dollar worth emerald earrings at the Oscars or Beyonce hitting the fashion tabloids with her emerald earrings at President Obama’s second inauguration have turned heads with these iconic statement jewelry pieces.

Natural Emeralds are mined in huge quantities from Columbia making it one of the best producer of this gemstone. Zambia also produces some super quality emeralds and fine pieces have also been discovered from Ethopia, Pakistan and Afghanistan. Emeralds are available in the market in various shapes like round, oval, pear, princess, asscher, etc. and cuts like cabochon, step, brilliant and mixed. There are even real dyed emeralds available in the market so read the description rightly before investing into this dainty natural gemstone. Carefully choosing the right piece of emerald gemstone with the correct hue and customizing your own fine jewelry in 14K White or Yellow Gold is where Quintessencejewelry.com takes its place, with fine jewelry displayed for your convenience. Here are some trendy emerald rings, emerald earrings and emerald pendants which you can customize:


QuintessenceJewelry.com also features an extensive collection of sterling silver emerald jewelry, 14k gold emerald jewelry and 18k gold emerald jewelry onsite for easy online ordering. Our collection includes but is not limited to emerald rings, emerald earrings, emerald pendants, emerald bracelets and emerald necklaces.

Emerald embodies unity and compassion while promoting friendship, faithfulness and wisdom. Embracing all these strong properties makes Emerald jewelry, be it a pendant, bracelet, earring or ring the right gift for big life occasions and milestones, from birthdays and anniversaries in the month of May to graduation, engagements, weddings, bridesmaid gifts new babies. Emerald also commemorates 55th Anniversary of marriage which is actually termed “Emerald Anniversary”.

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