Popular types of designer earrings to wear stunning look!

Earrings ornament your face infusing an additional spark of glamorized beauty. It’s essential for every girl when it comes to complete the Jewelry wardrobe. Every day we see girls wearing stylish, unconventional designs in their ears. However, many of them don’t know which type of earrings will suit them most.

Studs: Studs are cute and graceful for the nude look. They can be worn with casual, party wear or any kind of outfits. Usually, college students and professional women like to put on studs as they don’t look too exotic. In studs, you can choose earrings either embellished with gemstones or design such as a flower, an animal or  smiley, etc.

Hoop Earrings: Hoops come in loads of designs, studded with diamonds, or embedded with coloured gemstones, or in other metals, like gold, silver, platinum & brass. They have it in them that they can be worn both at casual as well as formal occasions. You can give versatility to your appearance every day with a variety of hoop earrings.

Dangle Earrings: When you want to flaunt charming look, dangle earrings fulfil your wish. Nicely designed earrings look like a fountain adding a sparkling shine to your facial aura on every occasion. Mostly dangle earrings consist of two or more kinds of gemstones.

Drop Earrings: As the name is self-describing, drop earring’s shape symbolizes a water drop not exactly in the shape but design pattern. It begins with a thin top and lasts on a wide base. Drop earrings are worn on special occasions rather than wearing in daily uses due to its splendid amiable look.

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