Traditional or trendy: What is your choice for engagement rings!

Since the 4th century, an engagement ring is an emblem of promise, a couple exchanges with an intention to getting married. Though the style of engagement rings have changed, the meaning and the belief are still the same.

It is said that Roman’s were the pioneers of engagement rings. They used to wear an iron ring in private and adorned a more elaborate gold ring during public appearances. The traditional diamond engagement ring, which it considers as the purest symbol of love, didn’t come into play until the late 18th Century. It was 1867 when diamonds were exposed in the Cape Colony of South Africa and this was the beginning of a huge boost in the diamond business.

Apart from these two traditional types of engagement rings made of diamond and gold, people got attracted to colored stones or gems at the early 19th century. As diamond turned out to be a costlier affair, hence people found its alternative in another gemstone like ruby, sapphire, emerald, pearl and opal. These precious stones became a new trend that attracted more people and was being used to dress up the plain gold and silver bands. Today, the Jewelry market, especially for engagement rings, is flooded with distinctive yet equally dazzling designs. While some people feel grounded in traditional style, other choose to go with the trend, something that keeps on changing.

Quintessence Jewelry Corp. presents you with some of the most popular and adored type of engagement rings that goes well with both traditional and contemporary style.

Rose Gold: Also described as pink and red gold, a symbol of romance, Rose gold engagement rings are for those who love contemporary style. The soft shade of rose gold is dazzling and is extremely popular right now. Brides-to-be demanding rose gold engagement ring and wedding bands.

Yellow Gold: It was said that there is no substitute for yellow gold. However, in early 90’s white gold and platinum came in competition. But thanks to celebrities like Miley Cyrus and Halle Berry who helped the classic metal to make a fabulous comeback. A noticeable rise has been seen in the demand for yellow gold. This stunning metal will be your choice of engagement rings that not only stay as it is forever but also hold the attention of people around you.

White Gold: It is a silver-colored alloy of gold with nickel, platinum, or another metal. In the latest years, a wide increase in the demand for white gold engagement rings has been seen. This pretty metal has a warmth that compliments a range of skin tones and also works with a number of styles, from sweet vintage to modern organic.

Silver: Rings are a sign of eternity because of the shape, and silver rings are stylish and throughout the ages and cultures have been enhanced with carvings, stones, cameos, intaglios and more. Silver rings are becoming more fashionable all the time, as creative designers present them with fabulous choices of intricate.

All these metals coupled with colorful gemstones come in a wide range and style. You can pick color of your choice. With wealthy looking hues and a unique yet timeless appeal, stunning gemstone engagement rings are winning the hearts of brides-to-be around the world. Such a wide range of gemstone engagement rings are available at

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