Wear earrings with style and set a sophisticated image for yourself at the workplace!

When you wear good, you work well! This is a simple mantra one should follow when dressing up for the workplace. The Corporate industry is one of the choosiest ones as far as the dress code and the accurate professional look is concerned. Be it men or women, formal outfits, decent accessories, tidy hairdo, right makeup are some must-to-follow rules in the book of professionals nowadays. In fact, dressing professionally is a vital part of achieving career success apart from performance and hard work, thus it is important to consider the style and up-to-date fashion when you are dressing for the office.

Men have few choices and they know what to wear, but a woman has disarray of clothing and Jewelry choices, so there is more of a chance that they won’t be able to project credibility through their image. Too little makeup, overdone makeup, jangling Jewelry, long hair, too much perfume, an untidy looking bag, all of these things can take their credibility down a notch. So be wise and elegant and pick clothes and accessories to that thought. Earrings are a good way to add needed glamour but choose them sensibly. You can enjoy fashion at workplace maintaining a professional appearance if you wear right earrings. Here we give you a few tips that will help you to pick just the right piece:

Choose Earrings As Per Your Face-Shape: This could beautify your whole look and personality. Consider your face shape before you pick any type of earrings. Round shape women should go with thin shapes, slight curves, a slight drop, larger earrings, while women with oval shape can wear virtually any earring. If you have the heart-shaped face then pick round hoops and teardrop style, and square shape face accentuates their features in small hoop earrings and short drop earrings.

Avoid Long; Choose Short Earrings: As it is a formal dressing, long earrings are the complete no-no. Big dangle style earrings can spoil your image and also make jangling noises whenever you move. Simple and short pair of earrings would work wonderfully, though some drop styles are also acceptable. A conventional pair of diamond stud earrings or simple pearl earrings is are necessity for a basic professional look.

Watch The Design Too: Don’t let any random pattern sit at your earlobes, simple, classic Jewelry are some good designs to own for working women. Small hoop earrings in either gold or silver are classic pieces that work well for the workplace and to dress up for an outing after work.

Add Colors For Variation In Look: Bright and soothing colors with certain patterns can also go well for the office outing. Simple gold and silver earrings with the clear crystal such as diamond, cubic zirconia, aquamarine and topaz among more will be the apt choice and help to add variation to your look.

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